Becoming a Doctor: India vs. USA

Explore the unique paths to becoming a medical professional in two different worlds.

Starting The Journey

India emphasizes on a objectives-based, 720 mark paper called NEET  The US promotes a well-rounded pre-med education, combining scientific knowledge with volunteer work. The entrance exam is called MCAT

Medical Training

India's MBBS program spans 5.5 years including a mandatory internship, while the US offers a 4-year MD program with clinical rotations.

Hands-On Experience

Indian medical students start clinical exposure in the 2nd year with a focus on practical skills during their internship.  US students engage in diverse clinical rotations in their final years.

Beyond Graduation

In India, postgraduate specialization is guided by NEET-PG scores.  In the US, residency programs are matched through USMLE, focusing on candidate preferences and CV strength.

Different Paths, Same Destination

Whether in India or the US, the journey to becoming a doctor is rigorous and rewarding, shaped by distinct educational philosophies and cultural values.