8 Common Mistakes to Avoid in NEET Exam Preparation

No Planning

Make sure that you have a good yearly plan to complete the entire syallabus do not skip topics.

Last minute Cramming

Might help with one test but is useless from the NEET Exam perspective.

Ignoring Health

You might fall sick and lose out on a lot of time. Eat health and sleep for at least 6 hours a day for efficiency.

Not Solving Mock Tests

Solve mocks to avoid time management problems, exam anxiety and silly mistakes.

Not revising

Revision is as important as learning, short term memory is not going to help in the NEET exam.

No consistency

Consistency is very important in the long run, make sure that you study something everyday even if you are studying just for an hour.

Overdependence on coaching classes:

If you feel like you could be something better, don’t be afraid to explore new methods, different from your classes.

Too much focus on weak topics

Don’t ignore your strong topics, keep revising them. Or you will be losing out on both.