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Who are we? What is NEETOPEDIA?

 Hello, we’re medical students from GRANT GOVERNMENT MEDCIAL COLLEGE, MUMBAI and we’re honestly tired of the noise and confusion around the NEET exam and MBBS. We’re here to make your journey simple.

Our mission is to help you navigate NEET and MBBS.

Our tips are available in English, Hinglish, and Hindi for accessibility. We provide concise blogs that take just 5-6 minutes to read.  You can skip some portions at your convenience or just read the entire blog. We aim to build an informational directory of EVERYTHING related to medicine. So tune in and don’t forget to comment.

Have a question?

Have a query? Please check these FAQ’s. 

Although the entire paper of NEET is a little tricky, students usually find physics to be the most difficult  paper of all the three subjects.


The syllabus has been updated in all the three subjects. Find all the new updates in our NEET Updates section.

No, they are not enough. They are useful in understanding the pattern of the NEET exam. However, only practicing PYQ’s leads to an incomplete preparation. 

You can give NEET exam if you have not taken biology. However, you should have taken Biotechnology as a subject with Physics, Chemistry, and Maths. Check the updated eligibility criteria here.

The best books are NCERT’s. You have to be excellent at studying your NCERT’s especially biology. All the questions come directly from the topics in NCERT.

To get 180/180 in Physics, you need to practice at least 1000 questions in physics. You need to practice every concept and topic in physics and be consistent with your formulas and calculations.

Ask Us Your Doubts and Questions.

All your problems will be solved by NEET Rank Holders and MBBS Students.

Conversational Form (#3)

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