Is it shameful to be a dropper in NEET?

Insights from an MBBS student

Let me tell you some facts: Almost 60% medicos are droppers! And, most of them have had more than one drop years

During the first week of college, the question 'Dropper or fresher?' is common. But after that, nobody cares to remember. You are only judged on your performance in college. 

The journey of a dropper involves a lot of overthinking. 'Log kya kahenge' is one of the biggest enemy

But, once you clear NEET, reach an MBBS college and become a respected doctor nobody will be able to disrespect you.

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It is important to remember that small setbacks are not bigger than your dream. And a dropper is no less a doctor than a fresher. We are all equal here.

To say it in one line: NOBODY CARES. The medical community value dedication over everything. A doctor is a doctor.